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ключ для microsoft office 2010.


I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and Office 2010, and I want to reinstall my Windows as well as Office due to personal reasons. However, I forgot my Windows 7 product key... I know the key is definitely stored in my system, but how to Recover Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Product Key?

You have just bought a second hand computer and Microsoft Office is installed on that computer. You also have one, so you want to change the product key into yours. It's not very difficult, registry will help us.

The next day after Microsoft Office 2010 Beta was published, I downloaded and installed Office 2010 professional Plus Beta. It was very nice that I could get a free Product key. So I just use it for free till October 2010. Recent days, I am always having a try with Office 2010. In fact, many of its applications are very cool. And I want to introduce it to my friend. But, there is one problem that I can not find my product key. It results that my friend would not have a try possibility. What should I do to find the product key? I believe there must be some methods to extract or recover the product key.

However, I just take a word document for example. And you know, there are many applications such as PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher and so on in Microsoft Office 2010. And some of them are new. You can also choose these to change the product key. Of course, the basic steps are almost the same. So don't worry. Just choose one kind you are familiar with.

Well, you have changed the Product Key of Microsoft Office 2010.

Then you can see it is finished and click "Close" to exit.

A process window pops up. Wait for a few minutes.

There are two options in another new dialog box. Choose "Install Now".

Then a dialog box apears and enter your product key in the blank. And click "Continue" like this.

Then click "Change Product Key" in the right list.

Choose "File" > "Help" in the menu.

Open your word document or other applications like Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

The Microsoft Office 2010 Beta version is so new that many people know little about it and even have never heard of it. And I always see some very easy questions about Office 2010. Now, I want to answer one of friends' questions about product key of Office 2010. However, it has been asked many times. So, here I want to give several simple steps below to change product key of Microsoft Office 2010.

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Change Product Key of Microsoft Office 2010

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